About us

About us

The VivaDecor Ltd. is a multi-pillar group, a member of the Viva Holding. The group was set up to taking into account the challenges and opportunities in the 21th century of Hungary. Additionally the demands of the EU is adequate to ensure a high level solutions in the furniture industry and interior decoration, and in the closely linked other activities.

The basic activity of The VivaDecor Ltd. is planning and manufacturing equipments, furniture design, with complete handing over, lighting, sound system, kitchen furniture and kitchen equipment, office furniture. Implementation of unique, artist-made ​​interior elements (for instance fountain, sculpture, space elements) and a complex internal architecture. Prepared by specialists, 3D visualization concept of the product makes it easier for the customer. Their computer-controlled equipment can implement any form of decorative items from the newest imported raw materials. The VivaDecor Ltd. is based on a family business. The private company started in 1996, in a workshop with 6-7 joiners. Since 2000 acting as an Ltd., outgrown the local competitions, as a result of interior design projects, in 2002, they handed over their first complete hotel craftmanship. Over the years, realized that the most important is the outcome for the customer, during the work. Since 2002 with practisings, the industry constantly employs 20 people, they are supplemented by a sub-team, which is closely linked with the firm. Thus, each craftmanship could be moveable and flexibly organized according to the given task. So whether interior design, or construction and furnishing, the company can provide it either together or separately. They have joiner workshop with a more than 100 million Ft worth of CNC-technology. Over time, after a large number of projects , specialists of the company have gained a practice which can not be obtained in schools. The main virtues of the work are speed and the desire,  to satisfy individual demands.

The company has developed constantly, because of his results, which is necessary and economical. The key for the further development is the operation into he form of holding. The past and the experience of the company is a basic for succesful future cooperation. The dedicated team  utilizes those market, management, and other knowledges, practises, which has accumulated over the years of the company’s history.

The goal of the enterprise is to operate a flexible and market-sensitive organization, which is maintaining its market position, and fully serve the needs of the customers. The company proclaims, and represents the healthy and environment friendly lifestyle during  his activities. Their suppliers, and the basic materials are selected by high quality requirements. It’s basic for the company that their staff members have a proper knowledge in their professionals. Many electrical appliances of large multinational company, are built in ther equipment incorporated into their furnitures.

In our globalized world increasingly appearing the demand that more closely know the customers, their exact demands and ideas in order to feel trust for the contractor. The craftsman, the merchant should be credible and to assemble a finished product in which believe, and what ever takes on. These two values​​, faith and credibility which give back for the professions the honor, which is definitely based on the current and future path.

The company's management is working so much on to make citizens more aware of their activities. Alwas took into account the needs of the builders. Since its foundation, have long-term cooperations with several customers and a number of larger, more professional-cutting projects were implemented. Their prices are marketable, due to the next three facts:

First, an efficient, well-organized work, which will ensure the efficient use of human resources. On the other hand, the favorable purchising of basic materials. Thirdly, the rapid, accurate, high-quality and reliable work.

The required assets, material and human resources for the proper workmanship are fully insured. The completed projects are made according to today's requirements and the standards of first-class quality. Existing customers' satisfaction and undiminished confidence is the evidence of the quality of our services.

Find our company, and make sure about our workers’ reliability and quality of the work and as a result we hope that we can welcome you among our customers in the future!